Raising the Challenging Child:
How to Minimize Meltdowns, Reduce Conflict, and Increase Cooperation

Best-in-class, evidence-based parenting techniques honed over decades of running a residential treatment facility and a special needs school for struggling children. Written in collaboration with Karen Doyle Buckwalter and Debbie Reed of Chaddock.

“What a breath of fresh air for parents.  Every idea is presented with just enough conceptual backup to make it feel real, and just enough practical tips to make it useable.”

“This fun, easy-to-read book is much more than your typical child-rearing manual. Reading this guide will give you a window into your child’s emotional world, as well as specific strategies and language to turn child behaviors into opportunities for growth. You’ll walk away from this book with a pocketful of gems to help your child think, problem-solve, and develop loving relationships for a happier family and a happier life!”

Coming January 2020.
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The Connected Child (McGraw-Hill)

The Connected Child:
Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Child

Co-authored with the late Karyn Purvis, PhD, and David Cross, PhD, capturing the essence of their Trust-Based Relational Intervention(R).

This Amazon best-seller has sold over a quarter million copies and was named Outstanding Book of the Year by the American Society of Journalists & Authors. It is recommended reading at child protective agencies, adoption agencies, and schools around the country. Available in multiple languages and on

Readers say:

This book is pure GOLD!

Excellent book- a must read!

5-Stars for a reason
This book could possibly be a game changer for your family, even if you’ve never adopted! You and your bio children will definitely benefit from these “methods.” And really, they’re not “methods” so much as a change of mind and attitude, with plenty of practical how-to advice. The book itself is written in a way that you feel like you’re sharing a conversation with a trusted, wise friend. It’s easy to read, and you’ll probably want to re-read, take notes, and highlight for reference. Even if you find yourself at the end of your rope, short fuse, already tried every other parenting style, this is for you, and this can bring peace and calm to your home, your heart, and your parenting style, which quickly in turn will bring more peace with your child, and all relationships. Yes, it’s that good.

Reviewers say:

“An extremely useful parenting handbook… truly outstanding … strongly recommended.”
–Library Journal (starred review)”

“A tremendous resource for parents and professionals alike.”
–Thomas Atwood, president and CEO, National Council for Adoption

“The Connected Child provides the parents of adopted at risk children easy to follow practical advice on how to handle behavior problems in a calm, gentle, effective manner.”
–Temple Grandin, Author, The Way I See It, The Autistic Brain