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I'm Wendy Lyons Sunshine, an award-winning writer, editor, ghostwriter, and content developer with a wide range of mass market and technical publishing credits.

You may have seen my byline in, AARP Magazine, OnEarth, D CEO, Fort Worth Weekly, Planning, and other outlets. Perhaps you've read books or white papers I've authored, edited, or ghostwritten.

In addition to journalism, corporate copywriting, and web content SEO, I've collaborated on technical grants and proposals that have won over $4 million in contract awards.

My old keyboard--shown in its heydey above--was a great helpmate. After hundreds of articles and two book manuscripts, its keys began popping off and flying around my office like over-heated corn kernels.

Was it waving a white flag?

"I don't know why I spend so much time on these stories," I admitted to a judge who had awarded me a $1,000 national journalism prize. "But I just keep wanting to know more."

"The best writers can be a bit obsessive," he said, smiling.

I like to think that was a compliment.

Thanks for stopping by. How can I help you?  


Wendy Lyons Sunshine

M.A., Professional and Technical Communications
B.A., honors, English
TS, Security Clearance

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