A few of my articles and essays

The art of (correctly) capturing and coding hospital pharmacy charges (Texas Hospitals)
The Internet of medical things (Practical Pain Management)
How to build a wind power farm (thebalance.com/about.com)
Probiotics enhance gut microbiome in breast-fed infants (EndocrineWeb)
Designing joint implants to enhance patient safety (MD+DI)
The hunt for venture capitalists (D CEO)
Is life too hard for honeybees? (ScientificAmerican.com)
15 minute brain surgery (D Magazine)
Unmasking the polluters (Fort Worth Weekly)
Bolstering Biodiversity: A Survey of Giving Strategies (EGA Journal)
Taxing issues: Local appraisal districts to hear oil, gas cases (FW Business Press)
Ping-pong as the fountain of youth (NYTimes)
The buried treasure in my back yard (OnEarth)
Cooking for the planet (Sierra)

Book collaborations

The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family (McGraw-Hill)
Lessons from the Toughest Kids (forthcoming Revel/Baker)

* and ghosted books whose titles I cannot reveal!