A few examples of my work

Hospitals and the Unexpected Impacts of Hurricane Harvey (Texas Hospitals)
The art of (correctly) capturing and coding hospital pharmacy charges (Texas Hospitals)
Cannabinoids Impact on Glucose Control… (Endocrine Web)
The Internet of medical things (Practical Pain Management)
How to build a wind power farm (thebalance.com/about.com)
Probiotics enhance gut microbiome in breast-fed infants (EndocrineWeb)
Designing joint implants to enhance patient safety (MD+DI)
The hunt for venture capitalists (D CEO)
Who will dominate the DFW Cargo Business? (D CEO)
Is life too hard for honeybees? (ScientificAmerican.com)
Food for thought: How the rest of the world eats (InMindBodyLife)
15 minute brain surgery (D Magazine)
Unmasking the polluters (Fort Worth Weekly)
Bolstering Biodiversity: A Survey of Giving Strategies (EGA Journal)
Taxing issues: Local appraisal districts to hear oil, gas cases (FW Business Press)
Ping-pong as the fountain of youth (NYTimes)
The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family (McGraw-Hill)
Parenting book by Chaddock Human Services Agency (forthcoming 2020, Revel/Baker)