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My experience includes:
The Connected Child book

  • Award-winning Amazon bestseller, The Connected Child, published by McGraw-Hill. Written in collaboration with leaders of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, the book has sold over 145,000 copies and been translated into two foreign languages. Named Outstanding Book of the Year by ASJA, The Connected Child continues to get 5-star reviews and Brain, Child magazine recently gave it high praise.
  • Two editions of Talking with Teens About Alcohol, a 48-page handbook for general audiences published by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Written in collaboration with a leading academic researcher, these short books reach one parent every 22 minutes.
  • Book proposals and manuscripts for experts-turned-author, including Aly Cohen, MD, a passionate advocate for healthy, toxic-free living.
  • A confidential book-length memoir, ghosted for the family of a prominent Texas business pioneer, inventor, and elected official.
  • A forthcoming collaboration with an internationally-recognized human services agency to share their leading edge practices with a general audience; a literary agent awaits the proposal, which is now in progress.

I can help move your book project forward from any point in its lifecycle, whether your material needs organizing, research, drafting, or editing. I also consult on packaging and proposals.

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