Writing & Editing

Who are your readers? What do they need?

Answer those questions and you’re on the path to effective prose. Whether I’m writing for a general audience or specialists, those questions help me stay on course.

Here are a few clips:

Developer brings tiny houses to the tourism market (Business Observer)

Cannabinoids have a role in gut inflammation (EndocrineWeb)
New bone-building agent approved for older women (EndocrineWeb)
Osteoporosis experts consider treat-to-target approach (EndocrineWeb)

Ping-pong as the fountain of youth (The New York Times)

Are patients telling the whole truth? (Ophthalmology Management)
Does symptom-free mean dry eye-free? (Ophthalmology Management)
As a diagnosis, DME often has company  (Ophthalmology Management)

Who will dominate the DFW cargo business? (D CEO)
Executives cowboy up (D CEO)
The hunt for venture capitalists (D CEO)
Fast food would slow down without PrimeSource (D CEO)

Is Life Too Hard for Honeybees? (ScientificAmerican.com)
Endangering Species (ScientificAmerican.com)
The buried treasure in my backyard (OnEarth)
CSI: Planet Earth (OnEarth)
Unmasking the polluters (Fort Worth Weekly)
Evangelizing for the earth (Fort Worth Weekly)

Joint implants that enhance patient satisfaction (MD+DI)

Other credits include:

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